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FREE Speaking 

I am committed to helping no less than 1,000 people this year reach financial freedom through real estate Investing. I want to touch as many lives as possible. If you are interested in having someone speak on real estate investing I am offering free speaking for a limited time. Just email 


Free Speaking 

  • 60-120 minutes 

  • Topics include Single Family and Multi-Family Real Estate Investing


My name is Dylan Borland and I am committed to helping people become the best version of themselves. I am committed to helping you unlock your true potential in any area of your life, to break the mental patterns that hold you back to realizing your full potential , that you are more then what your mind makes you believe, that you are infinite, all-powerful and that you can live any life you desire, at any time, that you can live your life by design! 

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How I Can

Serve You

Coaching & Consulting 

Need some quick help? Schedule an on-demand coaching call.


Looking for a more long term approach? or interested in hiring me as a consultant? email to discuss  a custom package 

Learn real estate investing 

Interested in learning how to invest in single-family or multi-family real estate? Join our free webinar on how to get started. or visit 

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (TM) & Coaching 


Interested in having Dylan Speak at your next event?  We would love to learn how we can provide value to your audience. Tell us more by applying now.


* Right now Dylan is only speaking on topics that include real estate investing, single-family, multi-family, syndication, equity, and wealth preservation. 

Looking to invest?

Are you an accredited investor, family office, or institution and are looking to invest in multi-family real estate? Consider investing alongside Borland Capital Partners or view our current investment opportunities. 


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