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FREE Speaking 

I am committed to helping no less than 1,000 people this year reach financial freedom through real estate Investing. I want to touch as many lives as possible. If you are interested in having someone speak on real estate investing I am offering free speaking for a limited time. Just email 


Free Speaking 

  • 60-120 minutes 

  • Topics include Single Family and Multi-Family Real Estate Investing


My name is Dylan Borland and I am committed to helping people become the best version of themselves. I am committed to helping you unlock your true potential in any area of your life, to break the mental patterns that hold you back to realizing your full potential , that you are more then what your mind makes you believe, that you are infinite, all-powerful and that you can live any life you desire, at any time, that you can live your life by design! 

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How I Can

Serve You

Coaching & Consulting 

Need some quick help? Schedule an on-demand coaching call.


Looking for a more long term approach? or interested in hiring me as a consultant? email to discuss  a custom package 

There is limited space for one on one coaching with me, the program is 12 months you work with me weekly for at least 60-90 minuets and access to me daily. If you are interested in working with me one on email now to apply  Space is only open right now for those looking for multi family coaching 

If you are looking for a more cost effective approach then either one off calls (See Book Now Link ) may work best for you or join our The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (TM) and weekly group coaching at 

Learn real estate investing 

Interested in learning how to invest in single-family or multi-family real estate? Join our free webinar on how to get started. or visit 

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (TM) & Coaching 


Interested in having Dylan Speak at your next event?  We would love to learn how we can provide value to your audience. Tell us more by applying now.


* Right now Dylan is only speaking on topics that include real estate investing, single-family, multi-family, syndication, equity, and wealth preservation. 

Looking to invest?

Are you an accredited investor, family office, or institution and are looking to invest in multi-family real estate? Consider investing alongside Borland Capital Partners or view our current investment opportunities. 


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