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2,702,848 in 19 months! Your turn

Personally I couldn't stomach when people blast out photos of profits from real estate I think because most do it from an egotistical standpoint, however I no longer get as worked up about it because I realize its actually a good thing for people to see first hand just how much real estate can change your life and the profits are real those checks that you see from people are not fake. I am not kidding when I say REAL ESTATE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE and each of you have no idea how close you actually are, in many cases if you take action just a few months away from financial freedom. I share this story and photo with you not to “brag” and my goal is to detach all sense of ego from it but to show you first hand the power of investing in real estate and the power of developing and cultivating the skill to invest in real estate, the power of what 1 person or a very small team of people can do you don't need to be a huge Blackwater or Bridgewater PE firm. 

I started like most of you fix and flipping which is a great business I thought checks for $20-50k each were incredible and life-changing itself until I learned a new skill, the skill of syndication! Syndicating real estate is the most powerful tool in my real estate investing toolbelt and since allowed me to move from $20-50k checks to $100’s of thousands to millions in 1 transaction. Our largest syndication check to date was 3% on $42M in equity took just over 100 days not to mention the equity in the deal and an asset worth $75M 

We recently started cashing in on some of the first deals I ever syndicated with Borland Capital, I remember I started knowing absolutely nothing but I did what I know best, I bought the top 5 books on the subject and attended 1 seminar from a leader in the space then simply dove in and took action, action is the greatest of all teachers. Within 90 days I landed my first 3 syndications (2) 12 units and (1) 96 unit. Since then with my new found superpowers I set a goal to syndicate $100M in MF real estate in 5 years. Well like I tell most of you if you stay focused those goals happen in half the time and sure enough, I was able to place now $145M in equity into real estate deals in just under 3 years that's how fast it can happen with focus! 

The deal below is the one of the first 3 we recently cashed out on in 19 months we were able to take the property from a purchase price of $4.2M and sold it to a new buyer through value add at $6.7M. Creating $2,702,848 in profit in 19 months, and by the way, we also sold each 12 unit making about $70k in net income on each in 12 months. And none of this takes into account the $80,000 a month in income the properties produced during this time. Or the income made from the syndication and management fees while holding the assets. And by the way, our investors earned nearly double their investments in this time everyone wins. 

I share this with you because I don't think most of you reading this take seriously or realize how close you actually are to changing your entire life through real estate investing or maybe you are just numb to the idea or maybe dont think its possible for you, whether it be wholesaling for $5k checks, flipping for $25,50-100k checks or syndicating for $100k’s to millions.

You are inches away seriously, each of you reading this can do it you need no special formal education you need no special abilities, you need no college degree and it can happen fast!. 1 deal like this could change your life, if it took you 12 months to learn and land a 100-150 unit property through syndication heck if it took you 24-36 months it would be worth it! And you can do it from the stay at home mom, to the nurse, to the insurance salesman to the bartender, to the person who works at Mc Donalds you can each do this. The only thing holding you back is your self-doubt and your inability to take action and your refusal to trust in yourself, your own limiting fears which are costing you so much. 

The good news is you dont have to figure it out from scratch like me, you can jump right into a proven system, be coached personally by someone that has done it and started from 0 and you can start right now today!

What does it take to succeed? 1) follow a proven system 100% suspend everything you think you know and trust! 2) listen to what I tell you 100%, not 99% 3) consistent daily action 4) focus. If you can follow each of those 4 things you are ready and if you are ready let me lead you, coach you guide you to financial freedom through real estate. Join the URIC now schedule your 1 on 1 call with me at

For those willing to finally take control of your financial freedom I'm also giving you 60% off for lifetime access to the course and coaching. I want to reduce your amount of excuses, time to take control. Get started with a call with me 1 on 1

Want to learn more about syndicating real estate? Check out some videos here

Committed to helping 1,000 people this year reach financial freedom 


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