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  • Dylan Borland

A man on a mission

As I sit and reflect and take the whole year in I am still in awe as to the beautiful journey this year has been. As many of you know I spent the entire year traveling the US on a mission to help 1,000 people reach their version of financial freedom through real estate investing. The Places I've been to , the people I've met still have left me speechless. Prior to this year I had toured very little of the US and those that know me know that traveling is my #1 favorite thing to do, I live for the adventure. Instead of spending earnings from real estate on fancy trinkets and material things, big house, lots of cars, clothes ect to feed by ego,  I choose to feed my spirit instead and spend my time and wealth on giving back and travel. Experiences last a lot longer than material items. Those that have been following my travel this year also know that we hosted meetups teaching people how to invest in real estate in 24 major US cities completely for free, no sponsors , no partners no charge. Just me, a van and a mission! As a result people would naturally buy the course and coaching and while I was traveling I took 100% of any profit from these sales and donated it to people in need along the way. The Free meetups cost about $5k per city and to date I have donated over $150k from course proceeds along the way.  On top of it I had an opportunity to see, travel, hike, explore about 75-80% of the US in 1 year! 

I am truly grateful for the experience and beyond humbled, people have asked me why do all this? Because if you haven't figured it out already I am obsessed with living a life in service and of value to others and genuinely trying to help people unplug and realize how close you are to also replacing your income and having some incredible life experiences of your own through real estate investing. 

Why am I sharing all of this, not to “brag” but to inspire you that none of this would have been possible without real estate. It took me only 2.5 years to build a portfolio of real estate and assets that support my life, lifestyle and ability to give and keep giving as fast as it comes in I get more inspired to give it out . And the great thing about real estate investing is CASH FLOW. If you build a portfolio of assets that pays you say $100k a month , guess what 100k a month is there next month and the next month and the next month for as long as you decide to own the assets. And 100k a month could be literally 1 asset! As I type this email right now I am underwriting a deal that is $137,900 in monthly gross income just 100 units, we’ll need to raise $5.6 M in equity. The truth of the matter is if i wanted to I could outsource raising the equity pay a firm 3% of the equity raised and be done with it, it's that simple, not easy but simple.

Though the National tour is over for the year the mission is not, as we move into the next year  I am doubling down yet again why? Because I believe everyone reading this email right now should make it a goal in the next 12 months to identify what income you are trying to replace and then go out find a asset to replace it, syndicate it with others money and be done for life! Then get on to enjoying life and having fun. Not working for someone else where you wake up get to work home by 5, rush to make dinner, if you have kids take the kids to events, do homework, prep meals for the next day, not sure where you even find time to yourself or to read or work out because you only have a few hours until you have to get back up and do it again 5 days a week, you pray for the weekend only to spend 1 sometime both days on the weekend just cleaning up the house or yard you're lucky if you get a day a week to yourself and usually it's spent catching up and your breath then it starts over again until eventually, life pulls the plug on you. 

That is no way to live and not how the human experience is meant to be, and it doesn't have to be that way. Each of you is closer than you could ever imagine to escaping this through real estate no matter what your background, age, skill level is. Most people who get started in this space start from zero working full time and within a year replace their income. You can to. 

If you are ready , if you have finally had enough and want to dive into financial freedom through real estate investing. Consider joining me In the ultimate real estate investing course and coaching . Its starts right now by scheduling a free 1 on 1 strategy call with me at or getting a free investor case study at

As a bonus, a lot of people have found this video very helpful make sure to check it out “how 1 syndication deal can change your life”

When you are ready, I am here with you for you , committed to helping you succeed. 


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