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  • Dylan Borland

Don't forget your health

Fat, Sick and nearly dead. Might some up most of us certainly could have described me back in 2014. What most people see today is a newly reinvented Dylan, however, the Dylan in 2014 was 35 lbs overweight, if you looked at my medical chart there were dozens of medications, including medication for severe anxiety, I had cholesterol numbers through the roof, almost every night acid reflux , severe stomach issues some doctors would say colitis, could barely keep anything down, severe joint pain I thought I would live with the rest of my life and the list goes on and on. Had I continued this route and continued listening to popular thought who knows where I would be right now. How did I get here? Like many entrepreneurs being focused on business and building my business first over health and even relationships. 

I was reminded of this today when I was updating my insurance policies, see I recently went in to get retested for everything for new policies they put you through the works. However, unlike last time my rates came back the lowest and worst category this time they came back the best and “cheapest” category. Near Perfect health. It was a great reminder of how far I have come on resetting my mind and body and how grateful I am to have been “unplugged” from traditional thought on this category. Today I am grateful to be reminded that I have completely eliminated ALL health issues and feel “born again” in a new body and mind I eliminated cholesterol, anxiety, depression, lost 35 lbs and every challenge I was having, through an entirely natural and holistic approach. 

Why do I share this? Because it might save someone, I know it saved me and many others around me. Why do I share this with each of you because your health significantly affects your business. If you feel dead every day, how can you possibly think correctly? How can you possibly perform at high sustained levels of energy, thought, enthusiasm and joy? How can you attract abundance spread love and passion when you are dying inside? 

I see too many people struggle with this each day and most have no idea how much it is affecting their business, relationships and success, but it doesn't have to. What we become aware of we can change. 

You hear me talk about this in the URIC course often how important health plays a role in success, I receive more and more messages from people each day that follow me thanking me for not just sharing real estate advice but sharing my thoughts on health and wellness and my journey as well so I am inspired to share more if it can help other people. 

This email is not to give you step my step directions on how to change your health today, this email should serve simply as a wake-up call to stop, pause and evaluate how is your health right now? Is your health getting in the way of your success? Is your health causing problems in your relationships? Could your health be so bad that you may end up leaving your family and loved ones a little earlier than you may like? 

Many of us take our health for granted and we do not pay any attention or wake up until it's too late or major health issue occurs. I am here to tell you do not wait for that to happen, do not wait for a “breakdown” to take action on your health now. One day everything is perfect and you're feeling fine “so you think” the next day you are down and out. That's how it works for most. 

Though it doesn't have to be that way, put in place now a preventative health plan to actively work on your health ahead of issues arising. 

A thought I can share with you when it comes to health is don't be afraid to challenge what “modern medicine” may tell you. I've challenged this now every time myself and am thankful each time. Seek the truth when it comes to health and don't be afraid to experiment on your own, look at all angles and seek all answers before you make health decisions, don't just rely solely on “the white coats” . Look for the root of the cause and address that not mask it. 

Your body knows how to and will heal itself given the right environment, given the right nutrients. Health for many seems like politics so we won't get into it here but take some time today to assess where are you at health-wise? What issues are you having? Are you operating at full mental capacity and clarity? Jot it down then put a plan in place to work on it now. 

One strong thought I do want to share is a big key to my health turnaround was diet #1, second to that is fasting and regular detoxing every quarter. Consider looking into these areas. Diet seems to be at the root of most health issues. Seek the answers, become aware and they will reveal themselves to you. 

Want to explore how health and success go hand and hand? Consider joining me on a 1 on 1 private strategy call at 

Committed to helping you succeed on all levels. 


PS if you enjoyed this post and found of it value, don't hesitate to share forward the email or share on social. 

Medical Disclaimer: The information shared here today is simply an opinion, it should not be taken under any circumstances as medical advice or guidance always seek professional guidance when dealing with medical issues. 

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