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  • Dylan Borland

Effortless Results, must see!

If you are like most people then you are searching for an ever-elusive magic pill, just that one thing that no one has thought of yet that you can just click a button and have instant painless results, it must exist! So you bounce from course to course, knowledge to knowledge trying to find a way to not have to do the work because its painful. Then when  it doesn't work you blame the system instead of yourself because you were unwilling to do the work 100% and get uncomfortable, its less painful to walk away from the money spent then to actually do the work day in and day out or have to talk to people so you retreat back to your comfort zone, never really growing, because you run from the pain when you need the pain to actually grow.

Well, I'm here to be the one that gives a dose of a reality check. And some of you may not like to hear it and that's ok others will embrace it and may have a wake-up call.  But there is no such thing as being successful and not having to put in the hours. It doesn't exist, this is the reason 95% of people are employees and 5% are business owners, this is why you have a top 1%.

If you want the perceived comfort of a 9-5 job, safety and not having to think much at all wasting away your incredible God-given abilities and power just to make someone else rich then continue to be an employee. However, for some of us the 5% we choose to live life on our own terms, chasing down our own goals, putting our infinite minds and body  and creativity into full swing and live a life of passion and experiences and freedom and it doesn't feel like work because we are doing what we love. This is why you are here to have an experience and do what you want to do not be a slave to a system, God, source, universe whatever you want to call it did not give you such incredible abilities to remain a slave to a system that is set up to keep you broke, poor, unhealthy and struggling to survive for the benefit of just a few.

Owning a business takes 10,000 hours to master your craft, let me say that, again and again, repeat it 10 times in your mind, IT TAKES 10,000 HOURS AT THE MINIMUM of hard work, passion, an immense amount of energy and focus. It takes winning, losing, tears of sadness, tears of joy however despite all of that, in the end, we all say “it's worth it” the freedom to live life on your terms, do what you want. But in order to do this, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable you have to get comfortable with breakdown and realize it's apart of the process, in fact, breakdown is the very thing that leads to breakthrough you cannot have one without the other.

The old saying “ an entrepreneur will work 80 hours a week just to avoid having to work 40 hours a week as an employee”

You are meant for better, your family deserves better and you can absolutely take control of your life and design it any what you want. If you are unhappy where you are currently at take control, redesign your life, write a new chapter in the book of (Insert your name) You can do this at any time. Stop identifying with who you are now and simply choose a new role to identify with. Write the next chapter and make it an exciting one!

If you are ready to live life on your terms finally instead of someone else's, if you are ready to have an incredible human experience then join us in The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course. There is no other business on the planet right now that can set you free as well and as quickly as real estate can and anyone can do it that is WILLING TO DO THE WORK  

See how real estate can set you free and how it set me free with my free case study at , while there schedule a free one on one strategy call with me  I will help solve some of the fears and misconceptions you may have.

If you are willing to do the work, The Ultimate Real Estate Investing course and coaching is for you, if you think the URIC may be a magic pill stay where you are at currently because it's not.

Committed to your success,


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