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  • Dylan Borland

Ending Covid19 in two weeks (Share)

Ending this pandemic worldwide in 2-3 weeks.

I wanted to share some thoughts that came to me on dramatically slowing down and eliminating COVID19. I think the most important thing first is that there must be an organized approach across the board. Right now There is no one voice that is saying everyone follows this exactly and that is part of the challenge. Many states are left confused, are left to their own timing and for the most part how they want to address this, and each state is there for addressing it differently. There needs to be uniformity across the board. 1 clear plan all can follow.

At the end of the day there is only one approach to stop a human to human virus and that is no contact with other people period for a certain time. At least enough time for those who may have contracted it to show signs and 1) Self quarantine and 2) Heal, seek medical help if necessary. That time frame appears to be anywhere from 1-14 days.

Too many of us are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the Government to tell us what to do. However a dysfunctional government may not be the best minds to solve or coordinate this problem. I think eventually over time they will figure it out however it will take many times longer to do so.

That means it's on you , me, the power of the people to take action. In The end all roads point to the same thing, as a serious lock down of human interaction. Either we can step up, stop waiting on the government to say so and greatly reduce the amount of time this goes on or continue to wait for the government to take action which could make this situation and economic impact exponentially and unnecessarily large.

Whether the government says so or not, I think all people should set a two week minimum to “Stay home” on their own initiative from April 1st to April 15th. We must understand all roads lead here anyways and it's better to do it now then wait for it to get here.

What would this look like? Staying at home. Do not gather with anyone except those in your current household . This includes friends, family , co workers etc outside of your household. Simply stick within the household.

Only travel out for necessary items such as food, water, emergency. If you feel sick in the slightest way do not go out stay home don't even try to guess what you are sick with take no extra risk . Call a friend or family member to get what you need for you and drop off for you at home. They can leave items outside. The virus symptoms appear to run the gambit with many people showing no to mild symptoms that mimic other things. So it's best to not even go out if you have the slightest sickness.

Please understand by taking this in your own hands we can dramatically slow this and likely stop the spread, the virus cannot spread unless humans are gathering with each other and spreading it. Understand that if we all bunker down and do this on our own intuitive over two weeks it will be done and over with. If we don't it will take many, many months leading to much greater loss for everyone, more people infected, more business lost and economic losses in exponential proportion. Most people and businesses can survive a two week period and pick back up right where we left off. However if we don't take initiative and do this as a people and it goes on for weeks and months the economic and financial consequences will be huge. There is no need to go on for months.

Quite frankly governments should have recognized what they were dealing with from the beginning and took initiative to lock everything down from the very beginning. A few countries did that and are having great success and have contained the virus. I understand their hesitation in not doing so as the effect on business and people however look where we are at now.

All incoming flights and travel should be postponed until the world heals, If any country is still battling COVID 19 no flights until no more cases. State to state flights and travel banned as well for all non essentials until this is stopped.

If out in public like a park walking etc or at grocery store maintain 10 feet from one another even while standing in line (6 feet is not enough)

Wear gloves to limit the spread, do not touch face, eyes, mouth etc

Wear a mask (yes wear a mask) to prevent spreading and or potential picking it up. You can use a reusable washable one this will save on medical supplies or even a thick shirt around your face etc. You simply want to limit the airborne particles that either you produce and from others that you could be breathing in. A thick cloth mask should be enough to dramatically reduce airborne particles on both sides. This is important as it appears to spread airborne the most. The government doesn't want you to wear a mask because of potential shortages however this will lead to far more spread which will lead to more sick people in hospitals and even more shortgages! It's a double edged sword. Something covering your face even a old shirt goes a long way in spreading airborne particles from anyone who unknowingly may have the virus and another level of protection to those who don't have it from breathing it in. We don't need one time throw away and medical mask, a reusable thick cloth one you can wash after you come in from outside and hang in the sun will work , think thick cloth you can even make your own.

Zero activity other than home, grocery, necessary supplies spending time outdoors in wide open spaces.

In terms of shopping I strongly suggest everyone follow this schedule, don't wait for stores to tell you this or the government . Everyone shops once a week only getting enough supplies to last 7-10 days max (no need to hoard) Hoarding will create unnecessary stress on the supply chain and others. Relax and shop 1 week at a time. Only visit the grocery store once a week, Try to stick to the same store for this 2 week period.

I strongly recommend everyone following shopping on days linked to your age group to further reduce the mixing of people of various ages and to keep the stores and lines relatively light . This will also help with overcrowding in stores and shortages.

Monday Ages 20-30 shop

Tuesday Ages 31-40 shop

Wednesday Ages 41-50 shop

Thursday Ages 51-60 shop

Friday ages 61-70 shop

Saturday Ages 71+ shop

Sunday = Rest & Restock , clean

If you cannot make it in your age group day or fill sick in anyway have a friend or family member shop for you and leave the supplies at home for you (This is only 2 weeks once each week)

Let's think logically here for a moment and I want to keep stressing this, When you have a virus that is spread only on human to human contact the best way to stop it is by avoiding human to human contact so the virus can phase out. We only need to do this for 2 weeks while it runs its course and those who have systempons heal and get treated.

The challenge right now is many don't know they have it and are still spreading it this is why I say if you are sick in the slightest way don't take a chance send the “healthy” out to grab groceries and supplies for you and leave at your house. We need to all help one another. This also helps insure the majority of people in the stores are healthy as well.

Since everyone will be going to groceries stores and back it's important while there we take preventative measures like mask, and gloves, distance 10 ft even while standing in lines. This will help elmite the spread as well on surfaces and food in the stores. Consider going out just once a week and only 1 family member. Remain consistent, leave everyone else and the kids at home.

Last cancel all in person meetings for two weeks. Meet virtually, cancel all travel plans. Do not travel between states or countries .

If we all commit to doing this on our own , not waiting for the government to say to do so we can stop this virus. It takes everyone following one set of recommendations and everyone participating collectively across the US and world.

I recommend everyone commit to it right now Starting April 1st and ending April 15th. I will be myself personally.

“If you want to clean up the neighborhood, start with your own front door”

We can accerclate this by also holding our friends and family accountable to this plan. If you see someone not following it give them a friendly reminder and hold accountable.

Make a “game” out of the two weeks, countdown and give you and your family a reward at the end.

How do we spread this plan to everyone ? I cannot do it without your help the best solution is for everyone to share in the following way

  • Share post daily on social media now through April 15th

  • By word of mouth tell 1 friend and 1 family member now by call, or text

  • Everyone tell the neighbor to your immediate right , if you need to pass them a letter and this article on their front door.

  • Tag world leaders and influences across the world so they can share to their audience.

Instead of the lastest dog dancing on a pony video going viral, let's make this viral. We can spread the message in days to millions and millions if each of you will commit and help.

Some Thoughts on healing from COVID

The best defense is a good offense, now more than ever it's important to give your body the proper nutrition it needs. Over the next few weeks boost your immunity with eating as much raw fruits and veggies as possible, limited to no meat, and eliminate mucus forming food like dairy. Supplements can help like vitamin D, a good multivitamin, immunity boosters like elderberry etc. . Exercise and good rest.

Nature gives us all we need to heal for those facing the virus look to combine western medicine with nature. Herbs are powerful healers, herbs to boost your Chi energy, herbs to help circulation herbs good for respiratory health. Essential oils as well. You can google these. Things like fenugreek tea, licorice root, eucalyptus , peppermint etc.

China has shown a significant increase in healing in patients combining herbs with traditional medicine as well. They have a soup/tea that is composed of over 20-30 various herbs that is working really well!

Thoughts on the economic impact and financial plan

Had governments given any thought , real thought to addressing a pandemic like this they would have immediately been able to recognize the signs of pandemic and should have shut everything down including all travel international and domestic and issued a immediate 2 week “stay at home in place” The hope is from this we can now recognize the signs and make the decision for any future pandemic immediately, history leaves clues and data and the nature of things can be predictable. Had everything gone into immediate shut down and there was one voice, one authority, one action from the beginning across states we could have stopped this fast. However there was no preparation for anything like this though we have had several close calls with pandemics and there is severe dysfunction within all federal and state governments.

I think there should be a 3rd party non government pandemic task force that is ready and prepared and can catch and spring into action next time something like this happens. It cannot be associated with any government entity because of the dysfunction it must be a private entity that develops a plan for future pandemics and can quickly react and provide 1 swift resource and authority, and plan.

With that said I think there are a few things governments state and federal can do now to help that will boost the now heavy financial burden on a lot of people and businesses

  1. Make SBA loans available for 30-60 days of lost profits for any business that needs it as a result of the “stay in place” . These should be low interested max 3% cap. Eventually the majority of them will be paid back and we can recoup this “credit” . The federal government should extend this credit and eventually not only will most be paid back but paid back with an interest at 3%. That 3% should go towards better preparing for future pandemics like this.

  2. For employees all income tax should be waived for a period of 3 months. This will help offset the lost income of employees and they could recoup their lost income. If someone loses two weeks or 30 days of work and their average tax is 20-30% then in 3 months they can recoup most of that at 60-90% by not having to pay it in tax. This will help people rebound and zero the loss.

  3. Banks to waive late fees and defaults for entire month of April (or the month the 2 week stay in place is going on i recommend April 1-15)

  4. Everyone should halt all debt payments for this month (April) if you are billing someone halt it and regain billing in May. If all billing is stopped and pushed forward a month it can allow everyone a chance to reset. This includes all debt, invoices etc postpone for 1 month say April and begin May “Skip a month” .

  5. Halt all student loan payments and interest for 30-60 days

  6. Government will shore up banks and support them

  7. Issuing credit vs cash. Issue Credit.

  8. Instead of sending everyone $1,000 checks The government could issue a 1 time “US Credit Card” utilizing existing banks and infrastructure to distribute. For those who need the help they can have a credit card with a limit of $2k on it from the government to help with food mostly and some expense utilities etc. For those that utilize it they will be responsible for paying back at say 5% rate capped. Those who don't need it don't have to use it. Eventually the majority of this will come back and there will be no loss say over the next 12-24 months.

Don't wait to be lead! Insead lead, if you think this plan makes sense follow it , spread the word and take action all you can do is “clean your own front door” meaning you focus on 1)Following the plan 2) spreading the message for others to do that same.

In Summary :

  • “Shelter in place” Stay home 2 weeks April 1-15.

  • During this time only spend time around members of the same household. No one else. Don't invite friends or other family over

  • Keep distance if out in nature 10 feet between people

  • Only go out for critical essentials. Grocery, gas.

  • When shopping for groceries stick to the same store, Go 1 time a week. Only buy what you need for 7-10 days. No more

  • Stick to your weekly time slots by age group (See above)

  • When out wear mask, gloves

  • Keep distance between 10 feet. Even while standing in line.

  • If you feel sick in any way don't go to the store, have a friend or family member shop for you.

  • Spread the plan and message (see how above) we must reach millions nationwide. We can't do it unless each of you shares.

  • All non essential business to close temporarily

  • Essential

  • Ultitlies

  • Communication network

  • Medical

  • Emergency response

  • Shipping

  • Grocery / Food (delivery or pick up only for restaurants)

  • Gas

  • Manufacturing of essential supplies.

With your help we can end this in weeks vs many months!

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