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  • Dylan Borland

how 1 real estate syndication can replace your income in 3-6 months

This week I really want to try and drive home the point on how just 1 deal is all it takes to replace your income for life in real estate and how close you are to that deal!

You hear me talk about it over and over , everyone's first goal in real estate should be to REPLACE YOUR INCOME. This can be done in many ways with real estate through flipping, wholesaling, SF rentals or commercial real estate or cash flow.

The most powerful tool in the tool box is syndicating real estate. In this short video I illustrate and discuss how you should 1st determine the income or cash flow you are trying to replace say $100k annually then 2 go out and find or create a deal that replaces it and do this through syndication. I show you exactly from a real world deal we are in the middle of syndicating now what a syndicator earns and how to plan to exit where you keep the deal 100% yourself in 2-5 years

You can syndicate real estate with 100% none of you own money many syndcators do. In this video I show you what a syndicator makes on a deal and how just 1 deal can entirely replace your income and most of you watching if you make a commitment to it and focus un distracted can do this deal and close in 3-6 months.

I went from knowing NOTHING about syndications to self teaching myself and landing and closing on my first 3 properties totaling 120 units in exactly that 90 days. And yes even in this “competitive market”

If I had to do it again and I still am I only focus on deals large enough to replace my income because it takes the same time and energy to land one 12 unit as it does a 96 unit.

Determine the income you want to replace then find a deal that replaces it and close it! Let me show you how and be there for you every step of the way.

Watch the video here >>>

When you are ready to take action join us in the ultimate real estate investing course and coaching. You can directly purchase our real estate syndication bootcamp at for $495 and then consider joining the URIC for the weekly coaching with me. I will literally be there for you each week walking you through the entire process and anything/everything you need to land and close your first deal.

If you want to chat with me schedule a free 1 on 1 strategy call now at

Committed to helping 1.000 people this year reach financial freedom through real estate and replace their income


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