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  • Dylan Borland

How I eat an elephant

I often get asked how the heck do I seem to accomplish bigger and bigger goals so often and so fast , Dylan you must be gifted, or special in some way, and guess what? It's not a magic pill and I am no more special than anyone on this planet, in fact we all have the same infinite abilities, the difference is I work on myself harder than anything, in fact I don't even work on my business, I work on myself and that transforms the business as a side effect.

I learned to master the skill a long time ago of “Eating a elephant one piece at a time” a simple metaphor for taking something so huge and breaking it down piece by piece and simply focusing on “eating” one piece at a time and eventually you will have eaten the entire “elephant”

This week I was reminded of this during a coaching call with a student who has some pretty big goals but was having trouble piecing them together and making sense of it all. So I put together a training , the exact same process I use to accomplish what most call “impossible” goals and then I show you how we took this students huge goal and broke it down to the daily action that needs to be done to achieve this.

I am a true believer you can accomplish absolutely anything in 5 years or less, no matter the goal, the world and history is filled with countless examples. It requires, focus, consistency and daily action.

Check out the training if you have some big goals you want to accomplish as well I think this will help.

Watch Video Here: How to achieve any goal in 5 years or less

If you need extra help with your goals schedule a free 1 on 1 strategy call with me at , I want to hear your 5 year goals and help you through them.

Committed to your success,


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