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  • Dylan Borland

How to build a cash buyers list lighting fast!

Why is a cash buyers list important? You hear me say this often in the ultimate real estate investing course. That if you are fix and flipping or wholesaling that building a cash buyers list is JUST as important as looking for motivated sellers. Why? Once you find a deal you need to be able to sell the deal to an investor. If you are a flipper you can use your cash buyers list as a resource for capital to fix and flip so it's just as important. The larger your cash buyers list the greater your chance of moving a property and the faster. 

Someone with a list of 10,000 cash buyers can move a property exponentially faster than one with say 50. Why is that? Because it's a larger sampling of people. The more people you have on your list the more personalities and investment appetites each cash buyer will have and eventually if your list is large enough there isn't a deal on the market you cant move even ones that you may overpay for!  

When starting in real estate most of you have your head down and are going to town working on finding motivated sellers completely unaware or just not thinking about the other side of the equation the cash buyers list. Then you land a deal and 1) have to find capital for the deal or 2) if you are a wholesaler have to sell it to someone. So a few things than usually happen, 1) most of you panic and scramble and either you succeed and find someone last minute through various methods or piggybacking off other investors or wholesalers list or you fail to find someone even for a good deal and lose out on a big check learning your lesson and now working to build a list. 

Don't let that happen. In the ultimate real estate investing course, I teach you about a half a dozen ways to build at no cost to little cost various methods on building a cash buyer list and how I built one of 1,000 people in 90 days organically. 

Well recently I experimented with and came up with an entirely different method as I wanted to see if I could build one in a pinch from nothing using Facebook ads and sure enough, I did! 

I spent the last few months refining, tweaking and mastering a unique method from some great internet advertising techniques that were taught to me and I was able to build a cash buyers list of 129 people in 4 days with $366 through Facebook ads or $2-3 per lead! The system I built is scalable to anyone's budget whether you have $50 or $10,000 and scalable to whatever size list you want to build. 

Typically training like this would only be in the URIC course however I am making it free to all! Check out the two parts in depth, step by step process I use to build a cash buyers list with lightning speed here 

 Part 1 >>>

Part 2 >>>

Best of all you can use this method to break into any market in the US to build a list of cash buyers fast. If you are exploring remote wholesaling

For those that want to get serious results investing in real estate? For those that want to reach financial freedom through real estate, for those that want proven processes, systems and support consider joining the URIC. Schedule a free 1 on 1 45 min strategy call with me right now where I will dive deep into where you are currently at where would you like to go and how can i help get you there schedule now at

Committed to helping 1,000 people this year reach financial freedom through real estate investing will this be you?


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