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  • Dylan Borland

How to get started investing in single family and multi family real estate

I've done a handful of webinars now each unique in their own way however I wanted to go back to the drawing board and put something together that would really provide a lot of value and direction for those looking to get started investing in real estate but don't know what to expect yet.

In my new webinar "How to get started in investment real estate for both single and multi family" My goal was simple. Provide so much value your head would spin!

I wanted to focus on providing specific action steps from how to get started, how to close and what to do after closing for both multi family and single family.(See outline below) In addition to this I provide over 50+ hours with links to external learning and resources outside of the webinar! The entire webinar itself is also available for free download and we are giving away some great documents like our single family deal analyzer and multi family 90 day plan!

This is not your ordinary webinar, think of this as a half day seminar or a week long seminar! For those who listen to external learning as well. Because there is so much value and content I wanted to make it available on demand so you can watch in your own free time, pause, stop, rewind, take notes etc.

On this webinar we cover the following,

(1) Knowing all the ways to invest in real estate and choosing your path

(2) Once the path chosen, how do we find motivated sellers?

(3) How do we prospect and communicate with motivated sellers?

(4) Setting your real estate investment criteria

(5) How to underwrite and analyze investment property

(6) Making offers in real estate

(7) Different real estate financing options

(8) The real estate closing process

(9)Building a predictable and repeatable real estate investing business

(10) Tools to help you master your first 90 days in real estate investing

(11) Addressing your biggest fears in this space

My hope is that this webinar can be of great value to each of you,

You can watch the webinar here >

For those who want to get started investing in real estate, who want a one stop place for education and support, who want proven systems and processes . Consider joining me in The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (TM) & Coaching at

For a limited time ive combined our single family course, multi family course & weekly coaching into one join at


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