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  • Dylan Borland

Investing in real estate in a recession, thriving, mindful underwriting and breaking free of fear

I wanted to put out a link to the replay of the webinar we hosted with myself and long time mentor and mindset coach Matthew Ferry.

This webinar was powerful! I know many people are curious about how we are investing in both single family and multi family property right now in this market, what are some of our underwriting criteria and how can you still invest and be “safe” I call it “Mindful Investing” . In the first part of this webinar I take you though just that, some thoughts and criteria for single family, rentals and multi family.

The Second Half of the webinar world renowned mindset coach Matthew Ferry showed us some great tips on getting our minds out of fear, out of uncertainty, and in control. If you are having any motivation issues or the “drunk monkey” in your head just won't shut up! Then you will definitely want to tune in to what Matthew has to say. You can watch the entire webinar or simply skip to his part halfway through.

No matter what market we are currently in , as of this email it’s May 2020, the tips shared here can help keep your mind strong. If you can control what goes on “up there” you can have all you desire.

Watch Replay here >

Keep a strong mindset plan and follow Matthew here > . Matthew has a really awesome app with daily mindset techniques and also a great book Quiet Mind Epic Life.

For those who want an expert on your side , a proven system and process for investing in real estate , consider joining me in The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (™) & Coaching, for a limited time I've combined both our single family and multi family course & coaching for a price everyone can afford. It starts by attending our free webinar at, where you will get instantly a special offer to join.


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