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  • Dylan Borland

Its all about the numbers

Currently, students of the URIC (The ultimate real estate investing course and coaching ) are pushing themselves to ingrain a new habit. What I firmly believe is the #1 most critical piece to success in any business and a core foundation of the URIC. “Tracking your numbers” In this challenge, students are solidifying the daily discipline of tracking their numbers each day for 30 days to set the habit in stone then learning to interpret what the data means and where breakdown each week may be occurring from the numbers. The numbers tell us everything. 

One thing I always point out and you have heard me say it many times is a strange law of the universe the 10% rule. The 10% plays out time and time again and students are always amazed, this is why I preach that if you want to build momentum and get results you have to make at least 100 calls a day, from 100 calls you will get 10 contacts and from 10 contacts 1 lead and/or 1 strong appt. If you set 1 appt each day at the min you will go on 5 walkthroughs for the week and get 1 out of 5 if you just show up. 

One of our students illustrated this perfect without even knowing I encourage the students to make no less than 100 calls each day and this is how it played out for student Pat 

What do you see at play here? The 10% rule! This is why I preach 100 calls a day and you cannot lose. Now imagine if you did this every day how much success, how much business would you have? 

This type of activity is what each of you should strive to as a “normal “ day this shouldn't be considered extraordinary. To succeed at a high level, to get traction and most importantly to get paid you have to put in the work period. Full-time work and Pat demonstrates this perfectly. 

I challenge everyone reading this to make this your normal day and solve all of your income problems for good. Every day that goes by that does not look like this, every day that goes by that you don't don't set 1 appt each day you sacrifice your income 90 days from now and you will feel it. The name of the game is to set appts and make offers every single day. The best way to do that and remain consistent is to focus on 100 a day min. 

For those ready to reach financial freedom through real estate investing, for those ready to have me on your side join me in the uric, schedule a free 1 on 1 call with me now at

Committed to helping 1,000 people this year reach financial freedom through real estate 


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