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Long term motivation, some thoughts

I get asked all the time , “Dylan how do you keep yourself motivated” and typically I give the most common response and a few thoughts that come to mind The most important is your BIG WHY, I do think that is very important , you must have a purpose so big so emotional it will drive you through anything all the ups and downs, then there's things like vision boards, practicing daily gratitude and so on , many of you hear me talk about developing a strong mindset plan and working on your mindset daily, however this article is not about that, this article I want to stress that though all of that works and helps you keep a positive mindset and motivation it can also be very fleeting , requires constant maintenance and work , which is ok but to sustain long term , effortless motivation you must turn inward and go deeper.

I often see people motivate themselves by going to a big seminar or mastermind and getting hyped up and yes that feels great and what you are really there is for the experience, the experience of fun, joy, meeting new people learning a few things, however how many reading this blog right now have ever gone to a seminar and sometimes in just 1-2 weeks after the event you have almost forgotten about it and all the excitement and “motivation” has completely dissipated? Why is this? Or yo motivate yourself by setting a certain income goal and you work and you slave and you push and you pull and you cry and you share moments of joy then success you hit that $100,000 or whatever you set, then just like the seminar a few weeks later the excitement is gone and likely the money as fast as you made it, and now its onto the next goal and you begin to live a life of chasing one thing after another, either chasing an object or experience or some thing, to always end up in the same spot yet never filling the void , something is still missing, where is my motivation now? Often times you get so beat up during this process your motivation to do anything just dies as well and you fight this constant up and down battle.

I was there for the first 30 years of life, and don't get me wrong all of these things helped fuel incredible success for myself, business and people around me but always left you filling a void and chasing down the next “damn” thing like my mentor always says. See because we are looking to outside factors to fill this void, we are looking to external things and circumstances to provide our happiness and joy without ever fixing the issues that lay within, When true happiness, joy and long term sustainable motivation come with finding yourself and turning inward. When you no longer need outside factors to “hype” you up, where goals become more about helping others and have experiences vs what am I going to get from this. When you become comfortable and feel safe with yourself and don't need others to help you feel this way. A breakthrough and mindset shift starts to occur when you find yourself with practice you get to a point of never needing “motivation” because you are content with what you have, your why becomes not about you but about living a life in service to others and seeing the beauty in all that is when your mind calms down and you are finally at peace.

Ok Dylan so that sounds great turn inward , how do I do that, well it won't happen overnight it starts with awareness and takes you being mindful of it and it takes time and practice, many of us have 30-40-50 years of mental programming, re-wiring, hardened thoughts and opinions about things that need to be brought to light and rewired. The best advice I can give you is start by listening and consuming content from the my top 3 mentors that helped me find long lasting peace.

  • Eckhart Tolle

  • Wayne Dyer

  • Matthew Ferry

Start with listening or reading the following in the order presented

  • Wayne Dyer’s : How to become limitless

  • Wayne Dyer's Book or Audiobook: Change your thoughts change your life

  • Eckhart Tolle’s Book or Audiobook : The Power of now.

  • Matthew Ferry’s Book: Quiet Mind

You must walk this path and self discover alone , remember what I said stop looking to outside influences and begin to trust yourself. However These resources will put you on that path and journey to finally reach long lasting peace and real, long lasting “Motivation”

If you are looking to master your mindset, dive deeper into mindset, motivation then join us in The Ultimate Real Estate Investing course, you can get a free real estate investing case study and schedule a free 40-45- minuet 1 on 1 strategy call with me at,

-Committed to your success


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