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  • Dylan Borland

Multi Family Syndication Timelines, what to expect

The other day I was putting together some timelines and expectations to prepare a consulting client for their first syndication and I thought these would help a lot of you as well so I wanted to shoot a quick video and share them.

If you are are interested in or currently syndicating multi-family real estate this video will give you a good overview of what to expect once you have a signed LOI (Letter of intent)

watch here >

I will cover with you what happens from point of LOI to PSA (Letter of intent to purchase agreement) Then from purchase agreement to end of due diligence. Then end of due diligence to close.

If you want to figure out how to find the property and get to point of LOI watch this video instead

For those looking to start investing in Multi-Family real estate or syndications consider joining our weekly coaching with me and multi-family investing Bootcamp here >


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