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Replacing your income with cash flowing real estate Single Family vs Multi-Family

One of the main goals for most people who are investing in real estate or want to get started is to replace your income with cash flowing assets. You've likely heard the saying “real wealth is created with cash flow” I would have to agree, fix and flipping and wholesaling property is great for building large amounts of cash that you can put into cash flowing assets, but you still have to work every day once you take your foot off the gas the income stops. Everyone's goal should be to as quickly as possible replace your desired income with cash flowing assets, so you can relax and actually do things that you enjoy!

How was I able to just come back from a 19-day vacation where I hiked 50 miles of national like shore and toured 6 states and cities? Because my properties are paying me while I sleep! How am I able to do a national speaking tour for the URIC in 26 major US cities this year helping people reach financial freedom and offering them entirely FREE at my own expense? Because I have assets that pay me considerable cash flow each month.

This is what I want for everyone to build a portfolio that replaces your income and it's not as complicated as you may think, there are a lot of misconceptions about how, I need all the money, I need experience, should I start with Single Family or Multi-Family? If I did multifamily I could never buy at $1-2-5 million dollar property and so on your mind really starts to make a lot up.

In this week's content, I show you a comparison that addresses how to replace your income with cash flow and we take a close look at doing this through single family and through multifamily

I also provide for you a worksheet you can use yourself to determine how you need to build your own portfolio.

Watch: Replacing your income with cash flow now >>>

After watching if you are ready to get involved and have an expert on your side every week, schedule a free 1 on 1 strategy call with me to explore The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course and weekly coaching at

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