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  • Dylan Borland

Setting up for a solid 4th Qt and year-end

A few thoughts come to mind I wanted to share with everyone this week including those who are not yet students of the URIC. You guys heard me start preaching this year and every year about 2-3 months ago as we move into the last 4th quarter of the year its more important than ever to bunker down on your business. I’ve been reminding students leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas that you should at the very least be focused on doubling your daily and weekly goals. For example, if your goal was to set an appointment a day double it to two appointments a day. If your goal was to prospect for 90 minutes a day double, it to 3 hours a day, double everything.


Because every year in real estate a few things happen this time of year but primarily people check out completely. People's minds are on the holidays, shopping, spending time with loved ones etc. A lot of people in this industry both SF and MF are checked out! That includes your competition which is also good.

However this is why its that much more important to double down the last quarter of the year , because no matter how hard you try you likely are going to fall victim to getting off schedule and losing momentum during this time and you will have to work exponentially harder to get deals under contract and moved as most people will generally say “follow up after the holidays”. Have you started to hear that already? How was business for you from about Nov 15th until now Dec 3rd?

The good news is today is the first week of December and you have another short window until about the 15th of Dec to go at it again HARD! If you haven’t already you may consider tripling your daily and weekly goals if you got behind. By doing this you will prevent your income from looking like a roller coaster and also set yourself up for strong momentum going into the new year. Whereas most people take their foot entirely off the gas, the car comes to a complete stop and then they get back In sometime between Dec 25 and Jan 1 and it takes another 90 days or the entire first quarter of the new year to build that momentum back up again! Then most people are sitting there without a check and broke. Not a good way to enter the new year.

If you have not caught on already success in any business including real estate investing is about momentum, it’s the most critical piece. You have to have a relentless commitment and focus on never losing momentum no matter what. Write it on your forehead, put a note on your monitor whatever you have to do, do not lose momentum.

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