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  • Dylan Borland

Six powerful creative and seller financing techniques

So much of being a successful real estate investor comes down to what tools do you have in your belt. In this case what skills do you have. You will hear me talk about this time and time again the more boxes you are aware of you can make money on just about any real estate deal.

Let me give you an example when I first started investing in real estate my knowledge of all the different real estate investing techniques was limited. For me my world was very black and white if it didn't make sense as a rental or a fix and flip that made over $20k net profits I wouldn't touch it and pass. I was completely unaware of a world of options out there in addition to this early on in my career. It wasn't until my coach mentioned to me “Dylan you are leaving so much money on the table by just looking at it as af flip or rent” 

See I would go on 5 appointments and only take 1 out of 5. Not that I couldn't take the other 4 but because  only 1 out of 5 made sense for me and my current strategy. When I began to study and learn and develop new skills as to all the ways to invest in real estate I added on average another $25,000+ to my monthly income. 

So now when I went on appointments I was thinking to myself “what box does this fit in?” how can I make money on this deal if it doesn't make sense for me as a fix and flip?. I would then run the deal through the following boxes to see if it fit


  • Would this be a good flip?

  • Would this be a good rental?

  • Can I wholesale this to someone else who would love to have it?

  • Could this be a good seller financing deal? 

  • Worst case could I simply list this property and at least make a commission? Do I want to? 

  • Could I refer this property to another agent to list and get a referral fee or another real estate investor or wholesaler and get a referral fee?

These were just some of the boxes I would run each property through if it didn't meet my investing criteria. Just because it didn't meet my criteria didn't mean I couldn't still make money on it and didn't mean it wouldn't make sense to someone else

In this free training which is also included much more detail in The Ultimate Real Estate Investing course with sample documents to use/modify or study I share with you 6 of the most common seller financing and creative financing techniques, to help you become aware of “more boxes” to help you add to your bottom line. I share with you how to use each one, when to use each one and why to use each one 

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If you are looking to master creative financing and could benefit from having a seasoned real estate investing coach on your side, if you are ready to take the next steps in your real estate investing business and reach financial freedom then consider joining me in the URIC , schedule a free 1 on 1 strategy call with me now to learn more at


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