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  • Dylan Borland

Specialist get paid the most

Think about it the highest paid people in the world are specialists, they have mastered and focused on one thing. Some of the most successful businesses on the planet are also specialist they focus on one thing and do that one thing very well. Think of specialist surgeons brain, eye, spine. Think of a surgeon who may be the only one or 1 of 2 in the world that can do something, or think of a business person who is 1 of 1 or 2 that specializes in something, or top NBA or Baseball, soccer, golf players. The top specialist that are masters in their field get paid the most. This is the same for real estate. How can you accomplish this in real estate on a smaller scale? Pick one category to focus on and get really good at it narrow it down to a niche that works for you.

“Specialist get paid the most” This is one of the first pieces of advice I received from a mentor at 17 who said “Dylan pick one thing and get very good at it, absolutely master it, because specialists get paid the most” That was and still remains to this day one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received.

The old saying “a jack of all trades is a master of none” is very true. I see too many people try to do too many things at once and they never really get good or master any of them, they are just ok at some of them. Why does this happen? Mostly out of fear people keep adding things to their plate to “survive” because they are unwilling (or terrified) to give the one thing the time it needs to master and take off. They start off with good intentions “I'm going to invest in real estate” then in 2 weeks when the check doesn't come in they panic and throw in "well I'll sell some stuff on etsy," then they need more so I'll also sell real estate as an agent, or I'll drive for uber part time and they keep creating new fires. So they add this thing, that thing all producing tiny , frantic revenue streams and then are stressed through their eyeballs and have created a machine that they become a slave to that is subpar on everything they are doing that they cannot escape because now they have zero time while they keep feeding the fire to feed all these machines so what happens is they give up and most get so burnt out they get a job and never look back ( i.e. give up on your dreams and serve the dreams of others) a select few get burnt out have an epiphany "what the heck and I doing all this for" shut it down and then focus on 1 thing and that's when success comes so why not start there and stay there ? Give it the time you need to master it. I can promise you once you do the floodgates open!

See you only have so much time and energy so if you are working a job, trying to invest and run a business on the side then your time and attention is divided 33%, 33%, and 33% and you are going to only get 33, 33 and 33 mediocre results from each of those at best. The goal is to get yourself into a position as fast as you can to focus 100% of your attention on one thing and one thing only and make a commitment to be the best in the world at it. When you focus on one thing only you achieve success exponentially faster. This is why the ultimate real estate investing course works so well and so quickly is because we get you laser focused! Don't add more things to your plate until you have mastered that one thing. You can add more to your plate once you master that one thing because then that one thing becomes like breathing you don't have to think too much about it.

For me and my business I wanted to be one of the best in the world at fix and flipping I wanted to be an absolute master at it and I narrowed it down from there I first started with mastering foreclosures I focused on nothing else for many years until I mastered it no other category I refused until I mastered it this took me several years , then and only then once I had it down and systems built around it and I could do it without thinking did I add another category, probates then I spent time mastering that until it became as thoughtless as breathing than to increase revenue and add more deals I added in absentees and mastered that, then once I had flips mastered I went onto master Multi-Family and so on, But I never jumped the gun, I was patient and systematic and wow did it pay off!

This is still how I run my business today, I bunker down and focus on one thing at a time and master it completely ignoring and saying no to everything else until I have succeeded at the one thing I am focused on (and yes sometimes that makes people upset but this is my life my goals my dreams) Why do I do this? because it's the fastest path to success when your focus is 100% on 1 thing. This is the reason I completely stopped my business to focus on the course and students until I absolutely master it and change 1,000 lives.  Why 1,000 lives? because those 1,000 will automatically spread to 10,000 because 10 people around them will be changed and those 10,000 to 100,000 and 100,000 to 1M. See I don't have to think about real estate investing anymore now because I've mastered it, ingrained the knowledge in every fiber of my soul and body where it just comes out like riding a bike, like breathing. This is the level of mastery I am talking about where you don't have to think about it anymore it is so ingrained in you.

If you want the fastest path to success and the greatest returns pick 1 thing to focus on and become the best in the world at it. Don't stop until that happens. That could take months or years but don't stop.

Where attention goes energy flows. You should always be moving away from focusing on multiple things to focusing on 1 thing as soon as you can. As soon as you are able to do that your results move fast! Very fast! Some students and if you're like me don't take the time to wean yourself off they just quit what they are doing and focus 100% all in and get there super fast. Others are trying to leave a job while getting to real estate investing or have other businesses or “side hustles” they run. Wherever you are at realizing real estate investing if done correctly is the highest return on your time and investment the goal should be to get there with 100% focus on a singular topic and area as quickly as possible. Put a plan in place to do this in the URIC we have that plan.

If you are ready to become a true master, one of the best in the world at real estate investing learn from a master let me help you get there,  join me in the ultimate real estate investing course and coaching. Schedule a free one on one strategy call with me now at

Committed to your success



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