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  • Dylan Borland

Taking home the gold

Imagine if you trained like an Olympic athlete for your real estate investing business! What type of results do you think you would see if you treated your business like this? Really take a moment and visualize yourself in this position.

This is how I envisioned myself for the first 10 years of my business and lead me to do over 2,700 fix and flips in metro Detroit. I woke up every morning visualized and treated myself no different than an Olympic athlete determined to be the best and come home with the gold! , exercised, studied, practiced, ate a good diet/sleep I was relentless, it also put over $20,000,000 in me and my partners pockets over that time. What the “pain & suffering “ worth it? Every moment! Not for the money but for the person I became for me and my family and for the skills learned I can use to make a difference in people's lives.

The process is no different your sport may not be skiing, swimming, judo your sport is real estate, start to visualize yourself and put yourself in the shoes just as you might if you were training to win a gold at the Olympics this means

Studying and committing to mastering your scripts, dialogs, objection handlers, tracking your numbers, consistency every day 6 days a week, sleeping well, taking care of your mind and body and becoming obsessed with being the best.

Any Olympian is committed to being the absolute best and taking home the gold, how committed are you to your business? What are you willing to do, sacrifice for this vision?

immerse yourself fully in this vision and you will have rewards beyond your wildest dreams

For those that want to learn what it takes to win the gold in real estate investing both single family and multi family , join me now in the ultimate real estate investing course (™) & coaching at


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