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The 3 pillars still standing

There are 3 essential pillars to running a successful real estate investing business, actually these 3 pillars can and have been used to run many successful businesses. You will begin to discover that behind most sustained successful business they share a few common foundations when you work it down to the core.

These foundations are the core components in our ultimate real estate investing course and also I used these same three pillars while running a successful venture capital company for 9 years and applied them to our six portfolio companies and they worked,

The 3 pillars of success are

Operating from a strong daily schedule

Consistent daily prospecting

Tracking your numbers

See there is no magic pill or secret formal, all you have to do is get a good understanding of these pillars and apply them consistently daily and you will be successful, sound to easy? Well it's not and that's why most people fail, we fail because of the human component, and following these 3 pillars each day requires you to develop an entirely new set of skills and self discipline which is painful and near impossible for some to adapt new habits and the pain of developing self-discipline and new habits is to much for some people to bear and they quit.

However it doesn't have to be that way, it requires a shift in mental thinking. See it's completely normal to have the feeling of moving away from pain, for thousands of years that is the exact thing called “survival” that has allowed the human species to survive , it's a biological instinct handed down in our very cells since the dawn of human existence. The challenge we face today however is that most of us, especially those reading this blog are not in a survival situation in today's day, in fact though it may not feel like it at times , we have never been in a period of time more abundant and with the world literally at our fingertips. Our brains and biology which have been programmed for survival over tens of thousands of years do not understand this and this is the battle we face each day. Your brain is trying to protect you , tell you to “quit” give up go back to what's comfortable, use the least amount of energy and resources and conserve energy to survive. When you realize what your mind really is a “survival Machine” then you become aware, and to change anything it starts with awareness.

Consider a mindset shift and the thought that pain is bad and realize that pain is good and in fact whenever pain arises train yourself to get excited as that means growth “Something good is coming” . It's the pain that forces us to grow , without it we would never be compelled to do anymore, become any more, “move away” from the pain. Get excited it means you are on the right track, it means you are grow its not a bad thing. Here is a great video I shot on embracing failure and pain >   here is  a great video in the course on mindset >

When you do this, developing the discipline of the 3 pillars become easier , . see our course works because its based off of the 3 pillars that are the root of success behind any business , our course withstands the test of time because these pillars and what it takes to be successful in any business at the core will never change. Study any business, any millionaire , billionaire and you will see for yourself , go back in time and find the cores.

Here are some additional thoughts on the 3 pillars of success:

Schedule: Developing the habit of following a disciplined daily schedule is critical as it allows you to run the day vs the day running you . A mistake most people and businesses make. When starting as a solo entrepreneur it's critical that your schedule revolves around 80% income producing and 20% income servicing. See you are either operating and accomplishing goals based on your own agenda or responding and being a slave to someone else's. Which do you prefer? Your goals of theirs?

Consistent daily prospecting: Behind every good business is consistent daily prospecting i.e. sales. You need to be engaged, undistracted and focused, every single day for 1-3 hours or more in prospecting for business. There are 3 ways to get business 1) buy it 2) wait for it 3) go out and get it. We teach you to go out and get the fish, and how to get as many or as little fish as you want. When you are operating from a strong schedule you have time for prospecting daily which is the highest and best use of your time .  

Tracking your numbers: What I really believe is the #1 key to it all, it's been proven in our business and with every student who has committed to it. There has not been 1 student who has tracked their numbers that has not had success because the numbers dont lie, they are fact , real-world data, the bloodwork of your business. Tracking your numbers tells you exactly what you need to do next, where you need to improve and allows you to build a predictable and duplicatable business. Skip this step and you are ship sailing wherever the wind blows

If you are ready to not only learn but to master the 3 pillars and build a long term successful business once and for all then become a student of The Ultimate Real Estate Investing course now , you can get a free trial at , when you are ready to commit and change your life schedule a call with me at

-Committed to your success.


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