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  • Dylan Borland

The lost art of thought

I was sitting in the plane on my way back from Florida to Detroit and as I sat there reading, writing, contemplating a thought occurred to me. What would people be doing 50-60-75 years ago right now, if not on a plane say 150 years ago before modern technology what would people be doing?

See back in the day before iphone, laptops, computers and not to long ago people filled their free time with friendship, a good conversation or a good debate and with time in thought. Today we avoid having to think by filling our time with literally mindless activities such as watching a movie while on flight or playing a game . Completely mindless activities that do nothing for your intellectual progress and nothing for society. Instead of taking time to read, study learn a new skill most people spend that time watching a netflix show or playing a game on their iphone etc. Countless hours wasted with mind numbing activities. Time filled with endlessly scrolling through facebook, twitter or instagram feeds sucked in like a mosquito into a UV light.

What would happen to your health? Your finances? Your business? Your relationships if we stripped away every piece of technology , every opportunity to fill your time with nothing and all you had left was to just think? To make progress to build meaningful relationships, what if you filled your time with thinking, thought, and purposeful conversation? How would your quality of life improve if you traded your time for these instead?

I see too many people literally wasting away because of this , never really living life, filling the void with mindless activities instead of learning new skills, how to better themselves and people around them.

Every minute here on earth is a gift , a miracle . Let me say that again every second you are alive is an absolute miracle why would ever even waste 1 second!?

Yet most of us take it for granted and never give it much …. Thought. We take life for granted, health for granted . What if you found out tomorrow you only had 24 hours to live? Would you spend it watching netflix? Would you spend it taking a new selfie to post to instagram? Without being sarcastic, the answer for most is a big NO!

What if you treated every day as your last? How would your purpose change? What could you accomplish?

Most people do not achieve success today because they are trading too much of their time for non income producing activities too often. At a deeper level you don't realize how much harm these mindless activities are doing to you , your brain, your wiring. Your brain and all the electrical signals and highways of electrical paths is like a big muscle if you don't use it you will lose it. So you don't even realize you are losing your ability to focus, you are losing your ability to learn, study and comprehend and these pathways start to shut down and you are left for a lack of better words “brain dead” . Never able to properly cope with critical thinking, losing your beautiful creativity given to you at birth , do you remember during childhood? Your ability to solve complex problems and critically think .

The good news is you can decide today to take back control of your mind, take back control of your thought. Decide right now to no longer be a slave to social media, media in general. To decide today to begin to heal your brain to begin to re establish these channels of critical thinking, thought. To take back control of your life vs numbing it and wasting away. Decide today to engage in real conversation with people, debates, friendships. To commit to reading every day a book on something to change your business, life, health , relationships. Commit today to living a life of extreme value and purpose.

Decide today to wake up and be grateful for every second you are alive. Don't squander this life.

Pull the cord now on mindless activities.

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Live your life by design,


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