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  • Dylan Borland

The Magic of 1

Most of you have heard me talk about the importance of tracking your numbers, and how I really believe it plays the #1 most important role in building any long term successful business in The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course we go into this in depth ( , however there is another number that is just as important and much similar to focus on that's the Magic 1!

Often times when you are just starting out in real estate or trying to scale up it can feel overwhelming , as you are working towards your goals most of us are standing at the very bottom of a staircase that when you look up at it you get a big gulp in your throat and sometimes dont even want to start on the journey as it could be a staircase with 200,000+ steps most turn back. What I always tell my coaching clients and students of the URIC is to simply set the goal (that's the top of the staircase) then don't worry about it, simply focus on the next step in front of you don't look up! If you are focused on the next step in front of you eventually if you just keep taking a step you will get to the top of the staircase guaranteed. Success is just small , seemingly insignificant steps repeated each day no matter what compounded over time that lead to success. Now each of us has our own speed we take those steps you cannot control that. What you can control is to take 1 step each day towards the top.

With that said the Magic 1 in real estate investing is if you simply focus on setting 1 appointment each day with a motivated seller ( not wants to sell , but has to sell) Then at the end of each week you would have gone on 5 motivated seller appointments. If they are truly motivated there is no question anyone reading this blog will get 1 out 5. If you are getting 1 out of 5 that means you are getting at least 4 investment properties a month! Now what does that average investment property pay you ? Well if you are a wholesaler it could be $5,000 a property! If you are a flipper it could be $25-30,000 a property! You can do the math. But you have to have a relentless commitment and mindset that refuses to rest at night until 1 of 2 things happen. 1) you have set your minimum 1 appointment each day before you lay your head down at night or 2) 9:00 pm hits and you cannot prospect any more as people get really mad at 9! And if that's the case then you simply don't forget about your one appointment you catch up and focus on setting 2 the next day.

The step on that big staircase is this , just focus on setting 1 appointment a day with a motivated seller and before you know it you will have more success than you ever imagined. If you cannot do 1 a day do 1 a week, thats 4 in 1 month and you should get 1 out of 4. (how do you get more than 1 out of 5? You work on your skills and knowledge through courses like the URIC) Well if that one pays you $25,000 would that be a good month? Everyone reading this if you want to get involved in real estate investing and succeed you should be setting no less than 1 motivated seller appointment a week or you may want to consider doing something else!

I’ll share a quick story to highlight my point about being radical with this, I got so attached to the idea of 1 appointment a day when I first started that if the day ended and I had not got my 1 appointment and 9:00 pm hit i found another solution…. I started prospecting in California because they were 3 hours behind us in Michigan and I could get another solid 3 hours in!

Get committed to the Magic 1 and you will have more success than you initially may have imagined and simply focus on the next step in front of you.

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committed to your success,


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