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  • Dylan Borland

The three wise men

If you have been following me you hear me preach all the time there are three core foundations to any successful business 1) Following a strong daily schedule 2) consistent daily prospecting 3) Tracking your numbers.

These each are some of the hardest to master , why? Because they require you to change habits, habits that are often times deeply rooted and have developed over many years. Like my mentor used to tell me “Dylan you cannot expect to change a habit that you have had for 32 years in just 90 days.”

In other blog posts and in the course and teachings I go into why mastering your daily schedule is critical, this post is for those who struggle with this and following a strong daily schedule, don't worry there is a solution.

If you are struggling following a strong daily schedule daily simply focus on the top 3 objectives each day. What three things each day are going to “move the needle” forward in your business the most. See each day when I sit down at the desk I prioritize my days I start with what top three things that If I accomplished today would have the biggest impact on my business. It doesn't matter when you get them done just as long as you get them done each day. If you simply focus on this by the end of the week you are going to have really moved the needle forward and make some huge gains.

Don't focus on the insignificant task you can never get it all done, your to do list will never stop growing , ever. Sometimes you just have to let a few emails, messages, projects get pushed to the sideline or forget about entirely or hit “delete.” The only thing that matters is your top three each day.

If you are new to real estate investing and just building your business, your top three should be 1) 60-90 minutes of solid prospecting each day 2) strong lead follow up and 3) Going on appointments and negotiating contracts. Anything outside of that can fall to the side.

Another example for me with Life By Designs my top 3 right now is 1) producing new content 2) producing new strategy calls and students 3) strong lead followup.

A great companion for this is work in jam sessions, you also hear this from me often. For each of your top 3, schedule a jam . Say 60-90 minutes (no less than 60). You can use a jam timer like I do or simply your phone. When you get ready to do this jam session you can simply set the timer and focus until the timer goes off, this allows you to pure focus and not have to watch the time or anything else. For me if i'm on the road i just say “hey siri set timer for 90 minuets” if Im at the office or home I just a kitchen timer . I prefer 90 min jam sessions as they are the perfect time to get into a grove, get traction and finish the vast majority of tasks. With practice you will be an expert at knocking out your top three each day in just three simple jam sessions and you will get really efficient. Check out my video on Youtube on how to be insanely productive each day where I dive into this and show the jam timer in action.

To recap and make this super simple:

If you are struggling to follow a strong schedule daily . Try this just focus on identifying the top 3 items each day that will make the most impact on your business and move it forward. Write them down. Then all you have to do is focus on knocking each of those three out each day at any time before the end of the day. Watch how much progress you now make.

If you are interested in starting or growing a real estate investing business and mastering your daily schedule join us in The Ultimate Real Estate investing Course #uric. Start by getting a free investor case study here .

While there you can schedule a free one on one strategy call with me .

Committed to your success


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