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  • Dylan Borland

The very important NO!

I say no to 99.99999% of most opportunities presented to me (and btw 99.999% of people say no to me which tells me they are focused on the right things) , at times it frustrates people and some arguably are good (not great) but good opportunities, however I serve our goals and our agenda not others and it has served Borland Capital Partners very well, but the ones I say yes to are big winners, not marginal but slam dunks.

By getting very specific and focused, staying disciplined no matter how tempted , we are able to do just a few really good deals and have huge wins vs having to do A LOT of little or OK deals , than have to deal with processing and managing all those deals creating 10x the amount of work for ourselves. (Been there not fun)

>> Focus on only the deals that are the biggest return on your time and energy, say no to everything else <<

its not about having 10,000 units when you can have say 5 that out perform all 10,000 and dont have to deal with managing all those. That in itself diminishes returns

I learned this this hard way when I was obsessed with doing 100+ fix and flips a year to find over half were marginal or break even returns just to feed my EGO and say I did 100+ properties a year .

work smarter not harder!

Redesign your approach to be more efficient and really focus on what are your biggest earners and axe everything else out. You will often find in any business 1 area of focus carries most of the return, double down on that. Then I challenge you to increase your skills and seek can you do better than that? what have you not learned so far thats out there thats even better return on your time and energy.

for those looking to leverage the highest and best use of their time and energy when it comes to investing consider investing along side Borland Capital Partners visit to learn more.


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