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  • Dylan Borland

Three U.S. licenses available for The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (TM)

Updated: May 5, 2020

When we launched The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (™) & Coaching we had no idea the amount of lives the course would impact. In fact the goal was to originally just download everything in my head all the systems and processes that lead us to a do over 100 fix and flips a year before I forgot it all as we moved on to multi family. We wanted to put this all in a course for others to follow and have the same success. We also wanted to create a course like no other that picked up where many of the others failed. We wanted real world true in depth information, support like no other, ability to provide feedback and have it implemented, a course that continued to grow and grow and you never got any upcharge you paid once and never again, no more upsells. We gave away the first 100 copies about $500,000 in value, and went back to real estate investing.

Then unexpectedly like little seeds planted we started receiving emails from people every week at how grateful they were for the course, how it changed their lives and how there was absolutely nothing like it on the market today not even close.

I was inspired and very humbled by this and though I never wanted to be a speaker, have a course or a “guru” I felt compelled to push deeper and give back. In 2019 as most of you know I took the year off to travel 85% of the US and host 1 day seminars in 24 major us cities completely free and at my expense to give back and fueled with a mission to help 1,000 people reach financial freedom through real estate investing. 100% of any net profits where further donated to people in need.

Words cannot describe what an incredible experience this was and how fulfilling to be able to provide value and service to others and help them reach financial freedom that only real estate can really provide.

Fast forward to today 2020 , we have a course that has the power to really transform those who want to listen and take it seriously, we have a course like nothing else on the market. Most courses are not in depth and only focus on one asset class or real estate space.

We teach mastery in single family fix and flip, wholesale, rental, Multi family, syndication and real estate private equity! 4 spaces in 1 course! Don't believe it join and see for yourself Not surface level stuff but deep in depth mastery from our very own private equity business over the last now 15 years. Based on our experience investing in over 2,700 properties most fix and flips, countless wholesales, 108 single family rentals and now over $180M in real estate private equity placed in multi family deals across the US.

Though I thoroughly enjoy The Course I need to get back to what I do best and that's investing in real estate. What I mean by that in particular is I never wanted to sell courses & coaching I only ever wanted to give back and help people transform their lives however I truly believe we can help 100,000 people reach financial freedom over the next 5 years and replace their income and experience all that real estate investing has to offer and I feel it is still our mission to help those who will listen to this.

I am very much committed to the URIC and continuing with weekly coaching for students, weekly content and support however I am looking for a few qualified individuals to take what we have built, take the course and further the mission to help 100,000 people

I am doing this by offering 3 U.S. licenses for the URIC to the "West Coast ", "East Coast " and " Midwest" regions. The royalty is simple 10% of gross monthly revenue, this means for some an incredible opportunity to take a course like no other and help transform lives through my teachings and experiences.

I am looking for individuals with specific traits , there will be further conditions of the license of course and most importantly looking for those who are a good culture fit and can continue the value focused ideals of the URIC, message and brand.

If you are interested in this opportunity please email me or for more information.

To learn more about me and the URIC visit these sites

Updated: Value of the URIC over 10-year Horizon (Click for a copy of worksheet)

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