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  • Dylan Borland

Tips on improving your capital raise success , where most people go wrong

I wanted to shoot a quick video on some tips when it comes to raising capital. I see to many people “deal vomiting” i.e. blindly blasting out opportunities without first stopping to ask 1) How can I serve you 2) are you even investing in this asset class and 3) if you are what is your criteria and then and only then if your deal is in alignment with their current focus forwarding it.

Sending blind emails out filled to the brim with info on a potential opportunity is the wrong way to do it and will quickly get you “black listed” . Instead focus on the investors needs not your own. See whats important to them first and see how you can provide value.

Keep in mind you cannot convince anyone to invest in something they don't want to , all you can do is present the opportunity and either its a good fit or it isn't You are only looking for the handful of people that say “yes this is something I would have a interest in “

Check out some quick tips here >

For those looking to master raising capital consider being mentored by me weekly join me in the URIC and most importantly weekly coaching at


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