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  • Dylan Borland

what does it take to finally hit your goals

A common foundation of all people that have achieved “success” in life is their near-insane commitment to never quit.

If I think back to anything I have accomplished it really comes down to that. Once I identify something I want i will not quite no matter what it takes under any circumstances. I refuse to ever even think for one moment I won't get it. I have zero fear I could lose everything in the process and ill still be clawing, scratching, kicking my way to my goal until I get it. See deep down what stops most of you is fear. Fear of dozens of things you have to let all that go. (need help with that watch this "Fearless real estate investing" )

Above anything else, if you commit to these practices you can have all that you desire

1) A borderline insane commitment to never quit on your goal and the ability to visualize yourself receiving it

2) combined with (these two go hand and hand ) the ability to plan, execute, stop and analyze what's working what's not, adjust and repeat over and over

3) an unwavering commitment to developing the skills you need to hit your goal

4) release all fear associated with it

If you can commit to those 4 things you can accomplish all that you desire

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