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  • Dylan Borland

Why coaching is critical to success, how it changed my life.

For those who have never been involved in any form of coaching it may be hard for you to fully understand the sheer impact coaching has you, I had no idea myself. I can remember like it was yesterday when I hired my first coach and I can tell you confidently I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today if I did not get involved in coaching, my entire business and most of what I share and mindset comes directly as a result of coaching. In my life, I have had several coaches at once and for over a decade. A real estate coach, an investing coach, a life coach, a mindset coach and without them my life may be an entirely different story.

I first got involved in coaching and introduced to the idea when I was young about 19-20 years old. I started my career as a real estate agent as most of you know so I could sell a bunch of houses to fund my real passion real estate investing. At the time was sitting on top of the world, or so I thought I was I was selling 4-6 houses a year! Well, see I was a big shot because to be in the top 1% of all real estate agents in the US you had to only sell 4 houses a year! Can you believe that! It gets better my average commission check was $3,000 half of which I split with my broker, I was a big shot who knew everything making $9,000 a year! Wow, how far has my ego come since then. See a lot of times it's our own ego that gets in the way and stops us. We think we have it all figured out , we think we know it all but I can bet most people who know it all, have it all figured out, will go at it alone know nothing, and it's that mindset alone that is stopping you from the success you are capable of, they are nowhere near where they want to be not even close.

Fast forward making this story quick At some point my ego got checked, I attended my first Mike Ferry event where I was sold on coaching I was introduced to systems, processes that forever changed and shaped the course of my life and business. I can remember to this day being sold on coaching, the Mike Ferry sales guys where purebred sales machines! And I'll never forget the simple question they asked me “Dylan what is $12,000 if you make $100,000 as a result?” see their coaching was $1,000 a month for 12 months minimum. It was those words alone that made me commit and thank the universe I did. From that day forward I suspended everything I thought I knew and simply put my trust and faith in the system, I made a commitment to do whatever my coach said 100% and If I did everything 100% the system didn't work then I could say told you so.

However that was not the case, I didn't half-ass it if they said bark I barked if they said to wear a pink suit I wore a pink suit, you guys get it and that year I made my first $100,000, The next year $ 170-200k, following years thereafter $200k+ every year. Now how worth it was the $12,000? Remind you I didn't have $12,000 to my name! I had to call my credit card company and get an increase in my credit limit and was terrified. But it was that commitment that forced me to succeed, see if the number was any smaller than $12,000 I may have blown it off like most of us do and could stand to lose $1,000-2,000,3,000, but not $12,000 I had no choice but to follow everything they said and trust the system and thankfully I did. It turned out to be the best decision and turning point in my life. Had I not did it I may be stuck like most people spinning my wheels never getting anywhere. It was coaching that was the accelerator.

Those systems are the same concepts I built my business around to this day, the same concepts I bundled up and applied to real estate investing, the same concepts that have lead not only to my success but many of our student's success now.

See many people I talk with each day about the ultimate real estate investing course miss a critical component when deciding to get involved, even many current students have not yet realized the power of coaching, Many look at just the value of the course and content, where the real value is in the weekly coaching with me , My one on one coaching clients pay me $1,000-2,000 per month to coach them one on one. With the ultimate real estate investing course you get included weekly group coaching with me and access to me on demand! That's the real value, that's the value you are paying for and the good news is you only pay once and you get it for life!

The value is in the coaching, there is no “new content” out there just different perspectives and different applications of knowledge. The coaching is where the magic happens. There is no other course on the market today that offers lifetime coaching and the commitment we do to our students for anywhere near the price we offer it for.

The difference is the URIC was built on value first and always and we are committed to providing extraordinary value.

So you have two choices, let your ego get in the way and figure it out on your own like I did a hot shot making $9,000 per year. Or Let it all go and trust a proven process, system and mentor

If you are ready to let it go and get the results and take this seriously jump on a strategy call with me right now at let me know you're ready to get started.

Want to see what a weekly group coaching call feels like? Check out a sample call here >

Committed to your success


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