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  • Dylan Borland

Why detox often?

I get asked often “Dylan why are you always cleansing, detoxing etc'' and some thoughts come to mind I wanted to take a moment and write down.

Your organs, liver, kidney, lymph , gallbladder etc are your bodies filters. They are filtering and processing everything you drink , eat and yes breath. Today's world is more toxic than ever though most want to deny it or turn a blind eye to it and your body and organs are under more stress than ever due to a world filled with processed food, dairy, meat, medications, injections , pollutants in the air , alcohol , lack of exercise to name a few.

Our bodies and our bodies filters are under constant attack and stress. They simply cannot keep up and detox on their own fast enough with the constant bombardment of toxicity . Without intervention these organs start to get clogged, bogged down and stop working well and for some stop working all together. The number of health issues and organ issues is increasing at an alarming rate in the US. Why is that? It's an accumulation effect, overtime all of this accumulates and your body's natural purging cannot keep up with the natural detoxing it was intended to do especially if you are eating a lot of processed foods, drinking, taking medications or injections etc . And all of this accumulation then leads to disease, sickness, cancer, organ failure etc. Its an accumulation effect over time and that time is different for everyone.

It's important to keep in mind that every body is different and some will go through life despite all this and never have issues. Some will have issues at an early age some mid age some much later in life. Everybody has different life experiences and their bodies react differently.

It's important to simply be mindful of the fact that we need to take time and be aware of how often we are cleaning the filters? Can your body do it naturally ? yes that's what it was designed to do however for most it cannot keep up with today's lifestyle and food choices it's under constant over work. So we have to intervene, give it some assistance. We have to step in and help the body purge these organs and restore their health. Without any intervention in today's world could spell an abundance of health issues many of you may already be experiencing or facing.

My point of this blog today is not to give you step by step instructions on how to detox these and you should be careful with detoxing and research it and approach slowly and mindfully . The point of this blog today and I hope the message gets across is that you need to stop and be mindful of are you cleansing your body and system regularly? Or are you just taking it for granted then responding when god forbid something happens. Most are not even aware of the damage that is being done with today's diet and lifestyle until it's too late. Start thinking about this now and take steps to prevent not react.

I usually will focus on detoxing and the following once a year at the minimum through various methods always consisting of a combination of diet , herbs primarily and supplementing with other techniques such as oils, crystals, mind and meditation, energy work, enamas.

I focus yearly and schedule the following. Its important to schedule the time to do these, if you dont schedule it , it won't happen.

Liver & Gallbladder detox/flush

Kidney Detox

Parasite detox

A boost in nutrients to address and curve off any vitamin deficiencies

Juice & Water fast 5-12 day.

Colon cleanse

Healthy gut bacteria alignment

Lymph cleanse

Energy and chakra balancing.


Most other organs will naturally benefit from these cleansers as well, heart, lungs, brain, pancreas, appendix, spleen , intestines, stomach, eyes etc.

Healing naturally requires patience and determination. Don't rush into it has taken me years to master each cleanse and slowly incorporate it into my life style don't feel like you have to rush out right now and start doing all of these. Slowly and gradually experiment and add on.

Do research, trust yourself the answers to all you seek are within you just have to learn to tune in. Take back control of your health .

Nature has given us everything we need to survive and heal. Turn deeper into nature for the answers that are already there and further away from man made “cures” or supplements. Diet, Herbs, Exercise. Its all there Nature is the greatest of healers. You are nature.

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