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  • Dylan Borland

Worldwide Covid19 Prayer/Meditation March 30th 8:00 pm est

Dont forget to join me this evening 8:00 pm est for a collective prayer/Meditation. (Set your alarm right now)

So far over 57,000 people worldwide have supported this meditation and I couldn't be thankful enough!

Join me tonight for the following >


March 30th 8:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time (Mark your calendar now)

The power of collective thought and collective consciousness, collective prayer is real. It transcends what we cannot see and you must put your trust in powers not visible.

Right now the majority of thought in the world about COVID19 is one of negativity, fear & uncertainty. We must replace this with positivity, love and light.

If enough minds can focus on the elimination of this virus from this planet we can stop it, we can change the circumstances you must exercise here blind faith.

If enough people think “rain” it will rain. Now we must have enough people focused on COVID19 ending and the world being healed.

Join me Monday March 30th 8:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time for a world wide meditation to end COVID19

On this date please do the following >>>

Turn on the following meditation frequency

(Start) Let's do a focused 15-minute meditation. Sit or lay in a comfortable relaxed position. Make sure your body is fully relaxed. Close your eyes. Then turn your “gaze” into your third eye or the space right between your eyebrows. Then Surrender and relax, ask God, source, universe to move through you . Now visualize a bright white light coming up from the core of the earth, up your fetd through your body and shooting out the crown chakra (The top of your head) into space. You are now connected to heaven and earth through this light.

(1)Once here. The work begins. Focus on visualizing a world where the COVID disappears just as quickly as it came, a world where everyone is astonished as to how, this miracle. See the headlines, see the news, see the social media. Visualize headlines “COVID cases rapidly declining” “”COVID Cases gone overnight” . Visualize this all around the world happening.

(2)Then visualize COVID19 as an actual virus, a cell, visualize it being destroyed and banished from earth,wiped out completely to never return. Visualize it leaving every corner of the earth, everybody it may infect, the virus gone banished. Repeat the following “I AM banishing COVID19 from earth, from every sentient being, it is done” repeat many times.

(3) now visualize people healing, the world healing

(4) Now visualize a new world without COVID, it is finally over, “I AM Healed, the world is healed”

(5) Show gratitude to God, source, universe, break your light connection visual coming back into the body and earth and end meditation.


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