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  • Dylan Borland

Yes we can eliminate violence in one generation

Eliminating violence, bringing abundance in one generation: 

A thought recently came to mind and this thought will likely pull at what you may believe or have accepted to be reality what you believe to be very much real and it will certainly pull at most people's egos and emotions but I encourage you to consider with an open mind and an open heart as to what this message might be trying to convey.  

I was reminded of a conversation I had with someone about a year ago,  I had made a post that stated “Violence exists because we allow it to exist” this individuals response was then how to you explain murder, rape etc. I believe very firmly still violence in our society exist because we allow it to. I also believe very firmly that we are within one generation at any time of eliminating violence from our society and it can become a distant memory, I do believe that in the generations to come we will look back at human history with awe and horror and wonder how we could have lived like that . Or even better we won’t look back at all because we will have eliminated the thought of violence from our minds and culture and refused to allow it to ever resurface and with enough generations past the entire thought and vocabulary can be eliminated as well we can rewrite history and this generation will be the gatekeeper between the old past and the new , to never speak of it again. 

Let’s start by taking a look around us first then we can explore as to why violence exists. As humans our reality is very much what we make it. Some are beginning to realize this most don't yet that reality is what you believe it to be, just as much as you believe  a car to be blue you could believe it to be yellow , reality is what we allow it to be and what our thoughts about it are the great secret is you simply learn to control what you will allow to be your reality and what you won't. If enough people believe one thing also known as collective consciousness then so that thing exists, just as much as if enough people think “rain” it will rain, if enough people believe in a version of Jesus then yes that version of Jesus exist and it goes much deeper than this realty occurs on a collective level as it does on an individual level..  We live in a current reality for most where the collective mind is conditioned from birth that violence is accepted and a part of human life . No human comes out of the womb having any concept of violence. Violence is in fact learned, observed and accepted as a part of life as life continues forward. We live in a culture where violence is everywhere and even worse at times encouraged and/or rewarded. 

Let me give you a simple illustration that most aren’t even thinking about, my son came to me the other day dressed as Flash , as that’s what he wants to be for Halloween this year , he ran over to me as cute as can be and stated with his fist up “you want to battle!” i.e. fight. Now where did he learn this from? from a seemingly innocent fictional character the flash. I am further reminded that children are exposed to violence out of the womb almost in just about every mainstream cartoon out there children are also exposed to heartbreak and struggle and a wide array of learned emotions and behavior , and I am someone that is hyper aware of this and constantly try to counteract the effects of these cartoons and shows but just as we squash one cartoon for too much violence there are hundreds more to replace it and it's everywhere we cannot shelter him forever even with the TV off! . No instead we tell him “we don’t hit we hug” “we don’t hate we love” and lead by example. Turn on 10 children’s shows , movies or cartoons and they will be painted with violence, fighting, punching, kicking a defined bad and good guy and the list goes on painted to look innocent and “fun”. So the ideas of violence the effect of violence are dampened and treated lighthearted and children are desensitized at a very early age to think its ok . That’s what you do , when there is a bad guy you punch him or kick him and this carries into adulthood. Most parents still carry this mindset right now. Think to yourself right this moment if a child or adult hit your child in the face what would you do? Would you react with violence? Why ? was that smack to the face life threatening or will everyone be ok? Was there a need to react with violence? Why do we do it? We are we conditioned that violence is the first action or thought in most cases for most people? Are we still operating on primitive survival mindset and instincts? 

Its further illustrated as you move into your teen years, the majority of movies and music you listen to as a teen are filled with violence, fighting, degradation of women and others and sex then you get older and it continues on in the workplace, in the news, in the newspaper. You even have authority figures and politicians who act worse than “children” and call each other names, resort to violence, name calling and childish acts including our very own president!  and these are the people in control of our society, It's no wonder the world is filled with and accepts violence as a way of life if our leaders do it and condone it then why cant we? 

I wont win a lot of “Friends” by bringing up the next two topics  so if you are hypersensitive you may want to stop now, if not then keep going, lets look at rape for example which is a horrible and sick mental concept, and this is by no means meant to downgrade the seriousness or trauma effected on a victim or rape however as humans how does one even begin to accept the idea of rape on someone? This is a learned behavior they saw it somewhere throughout their course of life period otherwise they would have zero mental concept and thus capability of it.  They somewhere learned and where exposed to and desensitized as to looking at others as soulless objects at their disposal. Humans were not born with this mindset it is learned or observed. Its learned in the environment someone was raised in, its readily available to be exposed to on the internet, music, tvs and news and we are constantly reminded of it. . What if the idea of rape never existed? what if the word itself disappeared from earth to describe it what if no one could even visualize what that even meant? That is absolutely a reality and we are only one generation away if we refuse to allow it or the concept of it to exist anywhere on earth if we refuse to pass down to the next generation the idea, word or concept. 

Here is the next one that will make some people unhappy, I am not proud to live in a world where we reward those who go to war. In today's society we not only accept war as normal but we are programmed to show extreme honor towards those that go to war as heroes. Again I am in no way trying to downplay or disgrace veterans the sacrifice they make to their family and selves is overwhelming , however I strongly believe that many still are convinced they are protecting us from an enemy that doesn’t exist any longer some vets have realized  the reality of war and that war today is to keep people in power, to control resources and is very much based on government agenda at the expense of human life, if you dig even deeper into it you will see that most modern wars are caused and crafted by the governments themselves, scenarios are created to paint the picture of an enemy so we can fulfill a much deeper agenda many modern wars are false flags in which an enemy is purposely created to give us something to rally behind or a reason to attack “we have to get them” we have to save these people. When in reality humans just want to be left alone in peace. What if we stopped interfering with everyone and just left everyone alone to live in peace? We cannot continue to live in a world where murdering anyone for any reason is ok or accepted. War is “legalized” murder period. People are encouraged and programmed to show great pride and honor in this, veterans are rewarded with discounts, shortcuts in lines, special privileges,  schooling and trinkets but yet abandoned by their own government when they get back home. Taking human life is not ok in any civilized world, it's not ok to reward this behavior in any fashion but people are encouraged and enticed to do it for a “reward” the government will take care of you, the government will pay for your schooling, medical, home, family that its honorable to project your country from the enemy not realizing the biggest enemy of all is your own government and that the enemy often times was manufactured and curated sometimes with great effort and over a great time by the government itself. Most people just want to be left alone to live in peace with their loved ones , so why not leave each other alone to do this?

Why does violence exist? I think for a few reasons 1) we are very much as a species learning to transition from a state and time of scarcity to a state of abundance. See hundreds and thousands of years ago survival meant protecting and hording resources, survival meant “fitting into the tribe” if you were an outsider it often meant danger you were here to steal resources etc. Where you often times had no choice but to be violent to defend your resources because it was hard enough just finding enough for your own family to eat and live. The world was not yet connected , technology was primitive. 

However in this century, most have not yet realized though people are waking up to the fact faster than ever that we are no longer in a world where we need to survive. In fact we live in a world where basic survival needs can be met for everyone on the planet. We have the technology, we have the infrastructure we have the resources , we have the communication and ability to provide basic survival needs for everyone on the planet period. Nature created everything in abundance, nature gives and does not take in infinite variety. One lemon has the potential to produce infinite lemons, one apple the potential to produce infinite apples. 

Scarcity today is man made like it or not, see the governments figured this out and very much have a vested interest in keeping the idea of scarcity alive so that a few can stay in power so that a few can control all the resources and make you think scarcity exists so that a few can control and remain in power and remain in wealth. Scarcity pins people against each other when it is not but a thin layered illusion. The idea of scarcity , the idea of an enemy keeps people distracted and fighting each other verse collectively waking up and unplugging.  Earth provides everything everyone needs to survive in infinite form. The sun will not run out , the wind keeps blowing , trees produce more trees, the planets water has the same amount of water as its always had and always will , we have the technology to turn saltwater into freshwater easily we will never run out of apples, never run out of trees if we pick one and plant one, never run out of fish if we stop polluting the oceans and killing off species and learn to co exist with nature. Well you might ask what about coal , gas we can run out of fossil fuels, yes but we no longer need fossil fuels this is an outdated idea that made a few very wealthy, this is the reason they tore tesla down when he invented the electric car and what we now know as zero point infinite energy in favor of fossil fuels so we could create scarcity and limited resources. When you promote, favor and sell non renewable resources and suppress infinite, renewable, abundant resources you can create scarcity and in return create great wealth. However you are starting to see the electric car come back around . We have all the technology today to create infinite energy, infinite resources for all eliminate all disease and sickness but its suppressed to create this false sense of scarcity and keep people fighting against each other. In fact we have the technology today that you may think only exist in science fiction movies but is suppressed. Hate for one another is learned, witnessed and encouraged in everything from music to news , to movies to our own politicians. A “white” baby does not come out of the womb hating a “black” baby, this is learned, witnessed or taught. In fact they both come out of the womb with pure love and affection for one another.

We live in a society that very much punishes people with pain vs reward. This is old survival based mind programming. There are two ways people are motivated they are either moving away from pain or towards pleasure. Well the governments have found that pain works very well in controlling people and keeping a few in power. The pain of don’t pay your taxes get fined or go to jail, the pain of don’t wear your seat belt get a ticket so we can collect more revenue, the pain of don’t comply we will take away your freedom or beat you .  Why not live in a society that rewards for good behavior and living a life of love and compassion for one another? I have found that within business, amongst all my coaching clients, within my own organization , even down to how I deal with tenants that a rewards based system works a correcting behavior long term vs punishment. Same tactic the military uses today to recruit based on “rewards” Here is an example I use in my business instead of charging tenants a late fee for paying late why not reward them for paying early? By doing this we dramatically decrease the amount of late payments however why don't most landlords do this? Because tenants paying late is more profitable. Let me further illustrate this if I have a property that produces $3,000 a month in late fees or  $36,000 a year and it's a commercial asset that would sell at say a 6% cap rate well by punishing vs rewarding I've now created $36,000/6% or i.e an extra $600,000! In value in my property. The same reason why the government focuses on completely irrelevant minor infractions that same reason courthouses are filled up every day with minor infractions like seat belts, etc to generate revenue and we all know it but who are they really saving? What just cause are all those people there for? What danger is 99% of these people to society? The answer is most are not! We all know this happens yet we accept it. Its more profitable to create punishment vs reward but is that right as a society? Would it exist in an abundance-based society and mindset? 

Yes I believe we are one generation away from moving into a society that has no violence, we are one generation from moving into a society that has no rape or abuse, we are one generation away from moving into a society that does not live in fear and scarcity that needs no government to brainwash us into scarcity and war and that enemies exist. We are one generation away from moving to a society where all live in abundance no one takes away another's life, no one takes away another's freedom no one hurts another soul that the mere idea does not exist.

 How? We refuse to allow It to exist, we refuse to watch to movies where violence exist, we refuse to speak the words, we refuse to listen to the music that talks about violence or hate, we refuse to watch the news which is the greatest remainder and promoter of violence on the planet, we refuse to allow the government to convince us  the world's resources are limited or we need a massive army to protect us from the enemy they created or that does not exist, we refuse to allow our children to watch cartoons where violence exist to the slightest extent we refuse to live in a world where its ok to take another human life in the name of , we refuse to speak ill of any man, we refuse to be brainwashed that we are all different and some people are better or deserve or less capable than others, that different classes of people exist we refuse and eliminate this idea that there is difference in race other than one race “human” that there is different religion other than one religion of pure love and service to others, we follow one simple law do unto others as you would want done unto yourself and to love one another and live a life of service to each other. That we no longer need to accept or live in a world where the idea of scarcity exist. It starts with each of us right now creating our reality , creating a realty in our own homes is all it takes that does not allow any concept, word or even speak the idea of violence that instead we hug not hit, that we help not take that we give unconditionally and ask for nothing in return, that we are all one not separate and stop living in fear.

All it will take is one generation of people , one generation of practice to forever change the course of society and earth as we used to know it.

It starts with simply making a commitment to yourself that’s all you need to do if we each do that we can rewrite history.

Race Human, Religion Love, country earth, it starts with you . 


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